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The Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation (ARVF) is a non-profit, tax exempt charitable organization. ARVF provides activities, programs and events that enhance the quality of life for teens with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Since its inception, ARVF has successfully partnered with 99 children’s hospitals in 37 states throughout the country, funding 62 Teen Lounges and providing over 12,000 Teen Kits to critically-ill children.

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Alicia’s Heaven Date

Alicia and Gisele 2001

In starting this Blog about a month ago, my goal was always to put down some thoughts every week or so, that might be of some interest to the reader. I was so worried that I wouldn’t have an interesting thought once a week! Each week so far, has had a very interesting theme however. Whether it happened to be the week of 9/11, or the premier of Red Band Society, or exciting end-of-month activity, or Alicia’s Birthday week.

Today, is what I like to call, “Alicia’s Heaven Date”. It’s 7 days after her “Birth” Date. It’s been a bittersweet week for me filled with sad and happy memories. Having a ‘Heaven Date’ allows me to go to a hopeful, peaceful, and courageous place in my heart that replaces the crack that is there. Being filled with hope, peace, and courage is what Alicia taught me during her 13-month battle with an aggressive and literately gut-wrenching cancer. She left this place with her arms outstretched, and with a smile on her face. That’s the memory I want to hold on this day, and all the days in-between.



ARVF works on a national level to bring hope, comfort, and happiness to hospitalized teens. To do this ARVF provides the Victorious-4-Teens Programs:

Teen Lounges

ARVF funds Teen Lounges in children’s hospitals designed to enhance the quality of life for adolescents undergoing in-patient treatment. A Teen Lounge is a special place designed to help patients take a welcome break from their treatment and a way to meet others their age. Teen Lounges include board games, computers, big screen TV’s, pool tables, gaming systems, age-appropriate furnishings and much more.

Enhancements & Activities

ARVF funds special social events such as: Bingo Nights, Teen Proms, Pizza Parties and other creative in-hospital activities for teens. These activities help encourage patients to escape the isolation of their patient rooms and gives hospitalized adolescents the ability to socialize with other teen patients that are dealing with the same struggles.

Teen Kits

Teen Kits are a unique amenity provided to any adolescent (ages 13 & up) who is hospitalized for any critical & life-threatening condition. The cinch bags are filled with over 12 items to entertain their in-patient stay. The kit also includes a comfortable and fun Bandana Pillow for their bed and for them to take home as well.